• Light Spectrum Opens at Lewis Latimer House Museum

    Light Spectrum Opens at Lewis Latimer House Museum

    Light Spectrum, a site-related sculpture I made for the garden at the Lewis Latimer House Museum opened to the public on April 15th. The work will be on view through August 6, 2017. For museum hours and more information click here

  • Mindful Practices at Art Cluster Gallery

    Mindful Practices at Art Cluster Gallery

    I will be part of a two-person exhibition, Mindful Practices, organized by Susan Newmark at Art Cluster Gallery in Brooklyn.

    Opening Reception: January 6th from 6 - 8 pm
    Will be on view through January 28, 2017

    Art Cluster Gallery


  • The Border Crossed Me at Bronx Art Space

    The Border Crossed Me at Bronx Art Space

    Organized by artist Esperanza Cortez Website, The Border Crossed Me delved into "the impact of border culture on language, the economy, the earth and mental health... Border culture is defined as a state of living between worlds, customs, languages, sexes and expanses of time. Its existence gives birth to hybridity and transculturation. Press Release

  • Jameco Exchange Exhibition in Jamaica Organized by No Longer Empty

    Jameco Exchange Exhibition in Jamaica Organized by No Longer Empty

    Photo Credite Whitney Bowne, No Longer Empty

    In spring and early summer I was part of an exciting exhibition and ongoing interaction with the public in Jamaica as part of No Longer Empty's Jameco Exchange Here.

    The exhibition welcomed many visitors who joined me in crocheting plastic bags and participated in making art in various ways with the artists in the show. See one of the write-ups we received: Village Voice Review.

  • Article in NY Mag blog: Bedford and Bowery

    A very nice write-up about Lettuce, Artichokes, Red Beets, Mangoes, Broccoli, Honey and Nutmeg: The Essex Street Market as Collaborator at Cuchifritos Gallery came out today. See the article here. March 7, 2016

  • Estas En Tu Casa reviewed in Hyperallergic

    My piece Estas En Tu Casa, is included in a review of Txt: art, language, media in Hyperallergic by Melissa Stern.

    "The boldest statement in the exhibition is a made by Antonia Perez. She has crocheted a large rug out of plastic bags. Embedded in the colorful and decorative patterns of the rug is the message, Estas En Tu Casa (which is also the title of the piece). Interestingly, when I looked this up for translation online I was offered an interesting variation of formal and colloquial meanings. From “Make Yourself at Home” to “You are at Home” to the literal “Are you at Home.” They all work, in subtle ways, in the context of the artwork. A rug made of cast-off bags with this message leads to interesting questions (and remember this is a show pitched for children): Is this a comment on homelessness? The ways in which we make a home for ourselves? Is it a comment on the environment and the waste all around us? The wall title doesn’t give any hints, but I see it as a jumping-off point for conversation. As an aside, the rug is beautiful, a geometric patchwork of strong colors and linear design."
    January 29, 2016

  • Now on view at Sugar Hill Museum

    Now on view at Sugar Hill Museum

    Estas En Tu Casa, 2015 is a work crocheted from plastic bags in the form of a giant welcome mat. Translated as "You are in your own home", this floor piece invites the viewer to consider the deeper meanings one may glean from the phrase "estás en tu casa." As part of the exhibition Txt: art, language, media, curated by Lauren Kelly and Rosio Aranda-Alvarado, this work will be on view through June 2016.

  • *Space Available Part of BOS2015*

    I am participating in Space Available, an exhibition of large abstract painting and sculpture at 1329 Willoughby Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn. The exhibition runs from June 5-28. Gallery hours from 12-6pm.

    The exhibition was organized by Paul Corio and Rob De Oude, and includes the following artists:

    Antonia Perez
    Christopher Dunlap
    Dan Crews
    Dennis Bellone
    Gilbert Hsiao
    Lilian Kreutzberger
    Jason Karolak
    Jeff Feld
    Jim Osman
    Mark Sengbusch
    Natalia Zubko
    Paul Corio
    Rob De Oude

  • *El Museo Residency*

    I am part of Back in Five Minutes, a residency program at El Museo del Barrio. Come and visit me where I will be working in the galleries from July 9th to August 16, 2014.

  • *Smack Mellon Hot Pick for 2013*